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Trade show

The UC and partners established the United Cultures Trade Show Foundation  which has as a main purpose the organization of art events that will invite 92 countries (46 Muslim countries and 46 western countries) will invite 644 designers to make 322 Hope Couture creations will provide opportunity for networking, discussions and the exchange of ideas among (young) professionals from the fashion industry, but also companies, NGO’s and cultural representatives.


Child labor is never acceptable. Our focus is on educating children with skills for their direct economy. This project is direct to teaching real world skills in electronics and car maintenance for classic cars.

Wellness Center

War brings with it much destruction, many lives were lost in the Bosnian civil war. An aftermath is the wide spread addition of drugs.


We are building a drug rehab center in Bosnia for effected women from the war.

We have the connections

Our multinational and multicultural team have lived around the world. North Africa, Europe, Asia, West Asia, and USA. We know the culture and how the build the bridges from the one culture to other.


Contact us on how you can contribute to our cause.

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