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Creative Directeur

Creative Directeur

Published 1 January 2019

United Cultures Foundation is looking for a product developer to direct and develop innovative concepts and products for United Cultures and their brands. In this key role, you’ll be joining our small-star team of Managements in Singapore that works alongside our other international offices to craft award-winning work across platforms and devices.

In Short, At our office In Amsterdam, you work with an international team of United Cultures to win pitches and prepare concepts for production. On the one hand, you help to bring in new work by developing creative treatments in response to project briefs. On the other, you act as a our creative lead on several running projects, helping to further develop the concept or product by fleshing out its features and flow.

In More

As a Creative Director at a global production company, life’s a pitch.

You engage projects for a living and relay responsibilities to others once the ball is rolling in the right direction.

Together with our Producers and management, you are responsible for developing winning responses to creative briefs.

You'll work in close relationship with our local creatives, TDs and designers to shape new projects, often topped by a prototype that works as a proof of concept.

You look after the creative execution of the projects and proposals United Cultures develops for partners all over teh World.

You visit clients throughout the world to pitch for projects, lead workshops and provide creative direction for any kind of project.

You bring top-notch production thinking to the table and provide creative consultation when it comes to the development of cutting-edge campaigns, VR applications and other nifty stuff.

Come Turn Concepts into Projects. At United Cultures, you’ll join a young & fun, successful and fast-growing international organization that constantly pushes the envelope when it comes to production and the use of adjectives. In addition to an unlimited supply of A-list projects and coworkers, United Cultures gets you a one-of-a-kind organization culture, characterized by conscientiousness and celebrated with champagne.

If you’re eager to join our digital dynasty, we’d love to hear your personal pitch. We’re especially keen see to some solid projects — not just ideas — so please link us to a collection of work. Please be attentive to the requirements for this role and organization your portfolio with a short cover letter detailing why you’re the right Management for this role.


We’re looking for an seasoned, all-round creative director with at least 2 years of CD-level experience in digital advertising or production at the highest international level.

Someone with an innate taste for technology, an instinct for interaction and a natural feel for design.

You need to be experienced in creating different types of content, ideally covering digital campaigns, platforms and websites, 360 video and VR, interactive films, rich media, mobile apps , installations and other types of experiential work.

The user experience is king, and so you should be a king or queen of shaping experiences that captivate and inspire.

You love innovation and naturally think of creative applications for new and emerging Technologies.

Crucially, the CD of the Amsterdam office should be able to successfully work across creative cultures and timezones. You’ve got to know the process and politics of advertising inside out, and be highly pragmatic at times for progress’ sake.