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Cultural Stability

by Economic Organization

We believe that cultures can be united and our current situation can be changed. Stability can be achieved by contributing skill and energy to the following subjects.




Global Strategy





The United Cultures is there

for each culture.

The purpose of United Cultures is to encourage understanding, respect, and equality between cultures/cultural groups in its member states.  By forming a cultural government that represents all cultures in the world which promote mutual relationships, understanding, and respect between cultures/culture groups in member states.


We bring cultures together to contribute and promote both economic and cost-effective development


The United Cultures strives to settle disputes between cultures in member states by initiating projects that are related to themes such as culture, health, religion, education, science, economy, and politics.


Together we are strong.


Our mission statement

Our mission is to share experiences and find harmony between different cultures. We want to bridge distances, acknowledge agreements and encourage dialogues.


Promoting background of the cultures in health, culture, religion, education, science, economy and politics, United Cultures has the aim to support international peace, to develop mutual understanding between cultures and to be a center for harmony in people’s actions.

Our Goal

Our goal is to set up a worldwide infrastructure of various organizations, companies, institutions, foundations and associations to become a cultural government.


With a focus on: Representing interests of world cultures, promoting world peace, supporting art and culture, stimulating economic growth, developing infrastructure and educational projects.

Our vision

United Cultures is convinced that several conditions are essential to achieving intercultural relations, peace, and harmony.


We believe in taking away negative images and creating new positive perspectives between cultures. The United Cultures is committed to disseminating, sharing, developing and supporting various projects in order to highlight the role of a change agent.

United Cultures

The United Cultures is there for each culture. It has the task and duty to make people aware of the cultural habits of each culture as well as to understand each other, become closer instead of being put against each other. It is not only necessary, but it has become increasingly important to have the United Cultures in every member state.

We concentrate on these main points to improve mankind on a global stage.

Contact us to see how you can either give support or receive support.




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